TRAILER – The Toronto Salsa Practice: A Model for a City in the Making

There is a place in the city of Toronto, where people of all races and religions, ages and abilities, come together once a week to dance salsa. What takes place while the music is playing and people are moving is touching lives and changing the very face of our city one dance move at a time.

The Toronto Salsa Practice: A Model for a City in the Making, documents the power of dance to bridge divides and bring our vast cultural diversity together in ways rarely seen before.  Diversity is Toronto’s strength but until now we haven’t truly tapped into and brought forth our full potential.  The documentary pays homage to the Practice itself, the incredible community it has built and the ability of salsa to bring us together in ways that allow Toronto to realize its immense innovative capacity. It also documents the complex identity the Practice is helping to create, giving greater definition, cohesion and connection to a city coming of age and into its own.