On Mourning and the Pain of Loss.

I post this video not to spread sadness or exploit the pain of so many, but to raise a point. Returning hatred with acts of hatred will only perpetuate the cycle of loss and create new wars where none exist. Attacking muslim women in the streets of our country will do nothing to ‘get back’ at the true perpetrators of the recent bombings, and it will do nothing to minimize the fear, anger and powerless we feel in light of recent events.

We should be outraged by what’s taken place in Syria, Beruit and Paris. These acts are unjust, and injustice breeds rage but the remedy to rage is not anger, its honesty, truth and right action. This little boy is crying out from the depths of his heart and giving voice to the pain of what it means to lose those we love most. We can only feel it, move through it, grieve it openly and fully.  It is a pain like none other that cuts from the inside out and no bandaid can make that hurt go away. We can only feel it, move through it and grieve it openly and fully.  We must then cut through the impulse for revenge and drive our anger into courage, the courage to act bigger, love deeper and reject fear stronger.

From there right action calls us to band together against further injustice. Syrian refugees are fleeing for their lives, they did not plant these bombs. A muslim women on a street anywhere in Canada is not a fair target of outrage. Ignorance, hatred, demonizing and manipulation of the disempowered are the real targets that we should instead be taking aim at.